El Jardin



El Jardin (Zocalo)

Over the years, San Miguel de Allende has become one of the leading tourist destination in the world. The beautiful place is well known for its rich history and artistic nature. Art lovers and creative people flock from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful scenes and activities that the place has to offer.

Located in the eastern regions of the Bajio mountains in central Mexico, the small town is known to offer quite a lot of excitement and entertainment to its visitors and residents alike. There is just a lot to do in San Miguel, if you are planning to visit, one of the places never to miss up on is El Jardin, Zocalo.

El Jardin is the heart of San Miguel, it is located right in the center of the city. It is basically San Miguel’s main plaza. One can not go to San Miguel and not visit its most vibrant place. There is everything for everyone at the El Jardin, you will never get bored or run out of things to do. Because of it central location, you can easily find your way around San Miguel.

Sight seeing at El Jardin

The most breath taking activity in El Jardin is to just sit down by the park and watch the people go about their business. The place is always filled with people moving around, both locals and foreigners. BY just watching people go about their business you learn quite a lot about the culture of San Miguel. Most of the times you will come a cross a number of artist’s street preforming and some free creative arts exhibits in and around the square. 

Shopping and restaurants around El Jardin

The heart of San Miguel is surrounded by a number of shopping areas and restaurants to enjoy. It is the best place to pick up some local products, gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family. There are restaurants as well around El Jardin, so if you are into cuisine and trying out new food then you will no doubt enjoy your time in Zocalo.

Live concerts and meets ups

El Jardin is a popular place for concerts, meets ups and rallies. Depending on your luck, you may come across live free concerts and sometimes some political rallies. The performances are usually by the locals which include the acclaimed mariachi bands and various dance groups.


The location of El Jardin also makes it an excellent area for those who like to go for walks. You can enjoy the enter winding roads and still be able to keep track of your bearings and not get lost. The landmarks around the place also make for great viewing as you enjoy your walk around Zocalo. 

Without a doubt, El Jardin is one of the best places to hang around in San Miguel. From time to time you may find some charity organizations who offer guided tours around the city for a small charitable fee or donation.